Incarcerated men and women pay to have their profile introduction (aka INTRO) posted to our site. Each profile INTRO includes a written introduction, photos, answered Order Form questions and contact information. You (and all non-incarcerated people) have access to all INTRO’S on our site, free of charge. You have access to all of our social media pages, free of charge. You can write or email as many or as few inmates as you prefer, free of charge. You can utilize our paid message box and we will send a message on your behalf if you prefer to keep your contact information private.
To post an INTRO, incarcerated individuals who have been sentenced for a crime must include the crime they were convicted of as well as the sentence.
Incarcerated individuals who are currently awaiting trial are not asked to supply this information, as they are considered innocent unless proven guilty.
Whether sentenced or awaiting trial, the information is supplied by the inmate. Intros Incarcerated does not verify information and assumes no responsibility for the validity of information provided.
Intros Incarcerated encourages pen-pals to visit third party websites to verify crime information. County, Federal and DOC websites are good places to start.
The most convenient way to post an INTRO is online. Order form, profile, photos and payment can be submitted in one simple transaction.
INTROS processed online will be Exposed to the site immediately, AFTER APPROVAL.
Intros Incarcerated accepts profile submissions via mail and email. Once all the required information and full payment are received, INTRO’S will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing.
Inmates should describe themselves genuinely… Share something appealing… Be positive… Be honest… Choose recent photos that are high quality… Avoid photos with masks or photos that are distant.
No. Once an INTRO is posted to our site, it will remain posted for the duration of the Exposure, unless the inmate submits a cancelation request. We accept cancelation requests via mail and institutional email only (i.e. CorrLinks, JPay, Securus).
Intros Incarcerated will retrieve and forward all messages to inmates within 24 to 48 hours, however the receiving institution may require additional processing time. Because we process messages promptly, we cannot accept changes to messages after they are submitted.
We appreciate referrals and will reward inmates with one month site visibility FREE! Refer an inmate to Intros Incarcerated by including their Name & ID # on your Order Form. When the referred inmate signs up, one month of site visibility will be added to your subscription. Must have an active INTRO to participate. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond only- no referral rewards awarded to Silver subscriptions.

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Intros Incarcerated was founded by Thomas Latanowich, who is currently confined to a Massachusetts state prison. Tommy understands firsthand how profound an impact that connections with family, friends and loved ones have on his day-to-day life. He has also dealt with the frustration of missing connections with like-minded individuals that he knows are only a letter or email away. Intros Incarcerated was designed with this in mind. We are making it easier for incarcerated men and women to refine their connections through intentional and meaningful contact.
Tommy’s experience throughout his incarceration has helped him create a variety of culturally appropriate services geared to address the needs of today’s incarcerated population as they face the challenges of an evolving society. Intros Incarcerated is just the beginning.

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